Christmas Shopper Simulator

Christmas Shopper Simulator

Go into a Christmas shopping spree with this game

Usually, Christmas is a season in which many people go shopping to purchase presents, decorations, and food. As its name implies, Christmas Shopper Simulator lets you go into a shopping mall to purchase different items during Christmas season. First, you will receive a phone call telling you what item you need to purchase and send; this will be your first mission. You will also receive instructions as to where to purchase the item. Then, you will need to find it among all the different products that are being sold at the shop, and bring it to the grotto to send it.

The missions become more and more complicated since you not only need to find items, but you will also compete against other customers who also want those items. You will need to jump, push and fight on occasions to get the item you want, thus resembling the actual experience of last-minute shopping.

At startup, the game will show you the keys and mouse buttons you need to use as controls, so you will not have any difficulty to start playing.

In general, the game is entertaining and fun. Maybe the only drawback I found is that the music track is repetitive and can become annoying after a while. Nevertheless, you can turn the music volume to zero using the Settings option.

If you want to live virtually the experience of Christmas shopping any time of the year, then you may want to try this game, which is absolutely free to download and play.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The game is free to download and play
  • It is fun and entertaining


  • The music can be annoying
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